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Newark Boys Chorus School

Thanks to the coordination and incredible support of Prudential Center, AEW Community Team and AEW Stars had the privilege of meeting the outstanding and talented boys of Newark Boys Chorus School Friday, November 18th ahead of AEW's Full Gear. AEW Stars included Daniel Garcia, Ethan Page, Austin Gunn, Colten Gunn, Keith Lee, and Mark Henry. AEW wrestlers spoke about their journey to the wrestling ring and the parallels of traveling the road while maintaining physical and mental health.

After a question and answer session with the kids, Newark Boys Chorus school students lead the group on a tour around their school. Students offered all of the guests special insight and lessons from their daily learnings. Once the tour was complete AEW was treated to a personal concert from the group. Before we left the students had an opportunity to talk, rap battle, and even arm wrestle with the AEW talent. AEW Community and Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment staff were honored to spend the morning with Newark Boys Chorus School and experience the excellent work their entire staff is doing each and every day!


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